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Triage containers and modular hospital units

If you need extra space for your hospital in times of Corona-crisis and wish to expand your capacity, we can offer you the following solutions with containers:

1) Containers for triage points or consultation

To relieve the pressure on hospitals, containers can be used. Our insulated units are equipped with electricity, heating and lighting and can serve as a registration point where triage can take place between serious cases and less sick people.

2) Modular critical care units (CCU)

A modular CCU is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and 20 beds. This solution can be used in crisis situations when it is necessary to expand the CCU capacity in the given hospital.

Dimensions: 8 x units and 4 x tents that are linked to 1 space of 19.5 x 24.4 m.

The CCU unit is intended for infectious patients with the same diagnosis. As for the same purposes, it is a CCU for patients with respiratory difficulties and treatment of patients with diagnosed COVID-19.

The personnel entry is equipped with an airlock system which enables personnel decontamination when leaving the CCU unit.

The rooms are suitable for non-stop operation with necessary auxiliary rooms for the healthcare personnel (control room/nurses’ room, changing room, decontamination room).

For the purpose of investment costs reduction, the layout of the CCU presumes the connection of 2 tents as storage rooms and at the other side 2 tents serving as a filter for admission rooms of patients.

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